Monica Allen
Principal Investigator

Ph.D in Physics, Harvard University
mtallen [at]
Office: Mayer Hall Addition 3611
Curriculum Vitae

Heather McMaster
Administrative Assistant

hmcmaster [at]
Office: Mayer Hall 3138
Phone: 858-822-2374

Jacob Ding
Fund Manager

ading [at]

Leonard Cao
Graduate Researcher

B.Sc. in Physics and Math, HKU

Chen Wu
Graduate Researcher

M.Sc. in Applied Physics, Stanford

Qixuan Zhang
Graduate Researcher

B.Sc. in Materials Physics, USTB

Lingyuan Lyu
Graduate Researcher

B.Sc. in Physics, HMC

Ruolun Zhang

Physics, UCSD

Trevor Senaha

Physics, UCSD

Andrew Dai

Physics, UCSD

Alexandre Leroy

Chemistry, UCSD

Tye Moore

Physics, UCSD

Mark Yan

Physics and CS, UCSD

Employment Opportunities
We seek to build a diverse and creative team of scientists with expertise spanning physics, engineering, and materials science. Inquiries for positions at all levels are welcome.

  • Postdoctoral Research Associates: Please arrange for your CV and three letters of reference to be emailed to mtallen [at] physics [dot] ucsd [dot] edu. Experience with scanning probe microscopy, microwave electronics, 2D materials, or device fabrication is desirable.

  • PhD Candidates: If you are interested in joining our group, please apply to the Physics PhD program at UC San Diego and mention my name in your application. Prospective and current graduate students are welcome to email me to discuss research opportunities.

  • Undergraduates: Several short-term research projects are available. If interested, please send an email to mtallen [at] physics [dot] ucsd [dot] edu.